Digital Shadow follows a tested implementation methodology with measurable outcomes that allow business users to access insights through a wide variety of BI artifacts like Reports, Metrics, Dashboards, KPIs, Predictive Data Analysis, and Social Media Analytics.

Our approach considers the full life cycle of a BI Project: Understanding Needs and Constructive discussions with different business stakeholders to understand their needs and challenges, which form the foundation for the ultimate product delivery, eventually catering to the requirements and expectations of the business.

BI Architecture Design The correlation between data and business to integrate all data islands in the organization into a single integrated data warehouse, which represents accurate truths about the organization.

Solution Development Once policies are set and the architecture framed, Digital Shadow delivers the end-to-end DW/BI solution, with integration testing to the finest detail. Governance and Audit Enabling the solution to scale according to the set principles of data governance and facilitating continuous data audits for accuracy and integrity checks.

Project Management Project life cycle activities are managed by expert project managers who ensure activities, timelines, and the overall project plan are adhered to. Maintenance and Support Post-implementation support and maintenance by qualified professionals. Enterprise Performance Management An EPM-driven BI approach is critical in building an effective information management system with the ability to generate key insights from business data. This enables the adoption of an integrated approach to measure and manage the performance of an organization.

Our Services Includes

BI and Analytics Strategy Development
Craft a roadmap for data-driven success with our BI and Analytics Strategy Development. We align your organizational goals with a comprehensive strategy, ensuring effective utilization of business intelligence and analytics.
DW/BI Governance (Business Intelligence)
Establish robust governance frameworks for your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence initiatives. Ensure data accuracy, compliance, and optimal performance throughout the BI lifecycle.
DW/BI Architecture
Design a solid foundation for your data ecosystem with our DW/BI Architecture services. We architect scalable and efficient solutions, optimizing data flows for seamless business intelligence and analytics operations.
Mobile BI / Analytics
Empower decision-makers on the go with our Mobile BI/Analytics solutions. We design mobile-friendly interfaces and dashboards, providing real-time access to critical insights anytime, anywhere.
Solution Development
From concept to deployment, we create tailored BI and analytics solutions that align with your business objectives and user requirements.
Data Governance
Ensure the integrity and security of your data with our Data Governance services. We implement comprehensive frameworks to manage data quality, privacy, and compliance, fostering a culture of responsible data management.
Maintenance and Support
Ensure the continuous performance of your BI and analytics systems with our dedicated Maintenance and Support services. Our team monitors, troubleshoots, and optimizes your infrastructure to minimize downtime and enhance reliability.
Audit and Compliance
Navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence using the Audit and Compliance services. We conduct thorough assessments, ensuring your BI and analytics practices align with industry standards and legal requirements.